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Su Hang did not think about this problem how to increase drive, but now, he urgently needs to use his heart, for now, only the National Academy of Sciences can have this ability to help him make the finished product in a short time. Organic india supplements He knew what Xue Xuan was worried about, but he was afraid that the Academy of Sciences would directly confiscate Suhang s drawings.After all, the capabilities of this technology were too amazing and even more valuable than the anti gravity engine.However, Su Hang was not too worried.First, he gave only blueprints.No one knew the true function of Yuanli Heart.Besides, it was just a civilian heart.In the end, it had to be refined by Su Hang s system.Promoted to the Black Iron level.The people in the Academy of Sciences, even if they get the blueprints, I am afraid they will not be able to figure out what they are for in a short period of time.Now, Su Hang just wants to get Yuanli Heart in his hands early.There is nothing wrong, I only worry about whether they can make it.Su Hang shook his head, having great doubts about the technological level of the Academy of Sciences.Xue Xuan hesitated, Xiaoqi said, the drawings have been sent to the Academy of Sciences, and the experts over there have already seen them.
Su Hang waved his hand last longer, stopped Kino s words, and threw the flag back into the box, clapped his hands, and said to Bai Ze, This gift is too big, I can t stand it, you should bring it back to your master. Girl doctor sex Right.Bai Ze hurriedly knelt on the ground when he heard the words, Uncle Uncle forgive me.Forgive me When did I say I wanted your life Su Hang looked at Bai Ze in surprise.Bai Ze said, When the disciple goes down the mountain, the dignity of the disciple tells the disciple to send the gift in the box to the uncle, otherwise the disciple will not have to return to the mountain.If the uncle returns the gift, even if the master does not kill the disciple, the disciple will have no face to see you again.Master, there is only one death to apologize.Su Hang was a bit dazed after listening to these remarks.I just asked you to return things.You don t need to make suicide so serious, right If you return the things, I said that I asked you to withdraw.Don t worry, your master will not embarrass you.Su Hangdao.The first thousand four hundred and forty eight chapters Su Hang s return Uncle Uncle must not.Bai Ze grabbed the ground with his head, tears streaming down, The disciple is not easy to practice, Uncle Wanwang feels pity, if Uncle Uncle really wants to return this thing, the disciple will only die once.
Master is back how to make penes bigger, Master is really back Several people are still unbelievable. Testosterone tablets herbal tablets For a long time, Di Jiang was only able to Suppressed and excited, said, Master, where is his old man now Zhu Rong said, Yesterday, when I was working together to fight me, the master suddenly appeared.His old man learned of the civil war in the same house, thunder was furious, and now he is thousands of miles away through the Tianhe River Chapter 34 The Gods Welcome His old man was originally going to come to you.When passing by Tongtianhe, he happened to meet the Allied Forces of the Liaoshou clan.I came to you quietly, Brother Dijiang, brothers and sisters, hurry up and follow me to Tongtianhe.Right, lest Liao Shou s rhetoric and inverted black and white in front of the Master Zhu Rong said anxiously, and he was about to go straight to Dijiang.Everyone seemed to have lost their minds.After hearing about it, they were all ready to leave, but at this time, Xuan Ming suddenly thought of something.Brother Dijiang is not anxious, beware of fraud Xuan Ming said.When several people heard it, it was as if they were poured cold water on their heads, and they suddenly woke up.That s right, the Allied Forces are in Tongtianhe right now.
The fat man laughed how to have sex for hours, took out a business card from his bag and handed it over, I am the head of the marketing department of Jiuding Group Rongcheng Branch. How to stay longer during intercourse This is my business card.Shuai Yu He took the business card and glanced at it, smiled, and turned his head to Su Hangdao, This B says he belongs to Jiuding Group Su Hang couldn t help laughing when he heard it, but he just thought Shuaiyu s appearance was funny.The fat man s face trembled.He was also a fat man, and the young man was too disrespectful when he spoke.Jiuding Group, is that the catering group known as the world s top 500 Shuai Yu looked at the fat man in front of him hanging.The fat man nodded, smiling, with a certain grace.Who are you bluffing Just your identity, can you enter the bun shop to eat Shuaiyu obviously didn t believe the fat man.The fat man was not in a hurry, I am a cook, and I usually like to collect food from all over the world, but today I just happened to enter a steamed bun shop.Hey Shuai Yu curled his lips, holding his business card and looking at it, Cai Jiuxia, Special second class chef, heh, you are not special second, you are pure second.I can see a liar like you a lot, so hurry up and hide away for me Name Cai Jiuxia Age 43 years old cooking Special second class Su Hang was not as impulsive as Shuaiyu.
At this moment sex with penis extender, Su Hang also understood what Qin Peiyao said, why the Yu clan was the Yu clan, why in the ancient times, it was not a race, but a genre of practice, and why the dragon clan The inheritance is more complete. Sex oil side effect In the time of immemorial age, the heaven and earth element power was very tyrannical, and human beings could not practice, and could only survive in the slits.It was the demon who ruled the sky.Human beings are too weak and can only be reduced to the rations of the demon race and enslaved by the demon race.It can be said that at that time, the life of human beings was as low as the grass.Until one day, someone discovered a way to practice, and the world began to slowly change.Some people have found that although the monster beast is powerful, if you can take the monster beast s fetal eggs, take its young soul, and introduce it into the body, using the monster soul to deceive the heavens, you can smoothly introduce the heaven and earth power into the body for refining and cultivation.This is a historical phenomenon.From that moment on, mankind began to rise slowly, and even gradually became dominant.Mankind hunts monsters, collects cubs, refines them, draws monster souls into their bodies, transforms from predators to predators, and gives birth to countless powerful men, and these monks are called monster refiners.